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Recycled sweatshirt

Updated: Feb 9

What to do with all the old sweatshirts that my husband no longer wants? ... Repurpose them into a new jacket for me of course! cut the seams apart and cut the sweatshirt down the middle for the front opening.

I had these squares in my stash, so this would be perfect to use for this project. I sewed the squares together to cover the shape of the sweatshirt. I sewed the squares to the sweatshirt, stitching in the ditch.

I next wanted to break up the squares with a design, which I would raw edge applique on top of the squares. I backed fusible web on the back of selected fabric for the embellishments, so I could iron on the embellishments, and not have to pin them.

I used a sizzix die and machine to cut out all the tree branches. I peeled all the paper backing off, so that fusible was exposed, and ready to iron on my project. (I think that was the longest part of this project!).

I randomly placed all the tree branches, alternating the colors until the project was covered. the next step was to free motion quilt all the tree branches to the piece. I matched the color thread to the color branch.

Once I finished all the top quilting, It was time to put the sweatshirt back together. I sewed the sleeves and down the side of the jacket. What was great is that i have long arms,so I extended the sleeves to fit me!! So fun to wear a jacket with long sleeves!

I wanted to give the sweatshirt a bit more of a finished look - but not knowing how to put a yoke or lining in, I got out my ancient sewing books ....

Somehow I made it work .. to my surprise!

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