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  • Suzanne Munroe

Vintage Scraps - Fond Memories

At my quilt guild members can bring in fabric and scraps that they no longer want, and other members can rummage through and take what they want - well, there was a pile of old vintage blocks that I jumped at the chance to repurpose. They must of been practice blocks, as every block had a tag on them with the name of the block and the page from a book or magazine they must of gotten the pattern from. Alot of the fabric was stained, and some ripped, but I just love that, adds character. This is the piece I created with the discarded blocks. - Loved making it, wishing I could of know the person who created these block originally. I've added 2 photos printed on fabric of my grandfather with his twin girls.

I still have several blocks left from the same box, which I am thinking about what to do next with them.

I dont know why playing with discarded vintage items makes me happy Maybe because I think of my Nana, and my great aunt teen who taught me to sew. I loved them so much, and sure do miss them.


This is another project that I've recently finished. My Aunt Betty gave me a baby set that belonged to my grandmother. It consisted of a baby blanket, a bib, a cap and baby shoes. I decided to use the blanket and bib in this piece. The quilt fabric is from the remains of a quilt that my great grandmother, Nana, gave me as a young child -- so the fabric is at least 55 years old. I have just scraps left of it, and incorporate the pieces into as many works of art as i can.

The photo in the quilt is of my Great grandmother, Phylis Cormier, with her husband Matt Cormier with thier daughter Geneva Cormier Bransfield. The photo on the bottom is of my grandmother, Geneva, who was all called"Bram".

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