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Sit & Stitch Folk Art

I discovered when moving my sewing room from the basement to an upstairs sunny bedroom. that I have so many piles and bags of “favorite” fabric saved for "someday projects". I grabbed a bag and decided to start using up these fabrics, as I am trying so hard to downsize my stash, and only keep what really speaks to me. I also went thru all my books (I let go about 40-50) for inspiration. One of the books that I loved was Janet Bolton’s “PATCHWORK Folk Art, which inspired me to create this series.

My goal was to create a story with just the fabric in the bag, only hand stitch, no patterns, no fussing - just cut and stitch. I really love to freedom I gifted myself to be free, not precise and just enjoy the process.

I work best using a family photo as a reference

This is a photo of my Grandmother, Geneva Bransfield and Aunt Madeline at the farm in Center Conway, NH.

The next piece I created was of my Aunt Madeline back from her catch on Conway Lake, NH.

These were my reference photos:

Chores: Feeding the Chickens

And here is my reference:

Im so glad these photo's were taken of the chore of feeding the chickens.

My great grandfather, Matias Cormier feeding chickens in front of the farm house in Center Conway, NH, and his daugher, (my grandmother) Geneva helping out.

And my reference photos of my sisters camp:

Working on my next piece, will post soon!

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