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Working in a Series

Here I am with my cousins "way back when". I did have long hair, which is pulled back in a pony tail in this photo.- If it wasn't for the dress, I look like a boy, and in fact some of the pieces I created look like it could be a little boy.

I was inspired to use this photo as a reference to create lots of different pieces using a variety of mediums.

The first piece I created was done digitally on my ipad, using the program Procreate, and the apple pencil. I fell in love with working on my ipad- but then again, I fall in love with every medium I touch!!

Below is the digital drawing I created, I printed it onto paper, and adhered onto a wood cradle with gel medium. I then made a few marks on top of the print with charcoal pencil.

The second piece I created from the same reference photo was with acrylics 11" x 14" I also used a stabilo black pencil to add detail.

I then wanted to explore using fabric using the same reference photo. I thought I could get the same look as the acrylic painting using the same values in fabric. it was quiet challenging. I was happy with achieving the technique, but not so with the fabric choices on her face. So i kept going ...

The next piece I tried using fabric colors more towards real flesh colors - I probably could of used more medium tones/values, and not so contrasting - Learning, learning always learning.

In this piece below I tried to make her appear happy by changing the color palette - happy bright chakra colors .. but she still ended up looking melancholy. This ended up to be my least favorite

The last quilted piece I created I painted on fabric using inktense pencils. I just loved how she came out ... until I quilted her. I used a thicker batting than i usually do, and the quilting created such wrinkles in her face - another learning experience!!


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