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  • Suzanne Munroe

Paintings to Quilts

Here I have started a painting in my journal - I like to use a piece of paper that I've painted something on - I dont like using a white canvas.


I then decided to try painting her digitally on my ipad to experiment with color

I then go back to the drawing, ready to add paint. I use acrylic paint


Now I start thinking about how to use the same drawing in an art quilt. I start by making a sandwich ( backing, batting, and top), and looking at the drawing I free motion quilt the portrait onto the fabric. I used a continuous line, so there are no stops and starts. She's a little fragmented, but I like it that way.

She is painted using inktense pencils and blocks. I use my original painting as my reference photo.

I then start playing around with how to finish the background. I have a bag of pieces that were cut from another quilt that already has misty fuse adhesive on the back that I decide to use. I chose the pieces randomly to cover the background, and iron in place. (Raw Edge Applique)

Below, I've quilted the background - added lace in her hair, and jewels on her shirt. She's done!

"I am beautiful to me" Artist Statement: She is proud of who she has become and wears her scars bravely on the outside for all to see. She knows that no matter what she looks like to others, she is beautiful inside. No one can take that away from her. 17.25" H x 11.25"W


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