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  • Suzanne Munroe

Working in a Series - Paintings to Quilts

Painting on a 8 x 8 box using acrylics, paper, marker, oil pastels.

I then transferred onto cloth to create the quilt on the right. 16" w x 26" h


I painted the 4 children on mixed media paper with charcoal, and acrylics , then transferred onto muslin. i then incorporated my art into a quilted pieced background. Ive also stitched a poem around the tree that I loved and thought fit the quilt perfectly.

Stand Tall and Proud.

" Stand tall and proud Sink your roots deeply into the earth, let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes. Be content with our natural beauty . Go out on a limb, Remember your place among all living beings, embrace with joy the changing seasons for each yields its own abundance. "


Digital Art drawn on my ipad, using the app Procreate. I did the same process of printing this digital art onto fabric and incorporating into the art quilt on the right.


Painted in Acrylics. Quilt on right is 16"w x 26"h I've tried to keep the quilt in this series all the same size, and challenge myself to do a number of these. Love using my art incorporated into a new piece!

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