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Re-creations; What's Old is New

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I have saved so many pieces of old fabric, unfinished blocks, treasured vintage pieces. Too many. I don't want them to someday be handed down to have someone else keep them in the back of their closet, or worse - throw them out. So I continue to dig into my pile of "someday" projects, saved misfit pieces and blocks and see what I can create new.

I have 2 log cabin blocks, faded, torn, and just love them. I cant explain the feeling I get just looking at these, touching the fabric and wondering who made these, what happened to the rest of the quilt? Was is once a bed quilt?

I decided to sew them together, making them one piece. I stitched them together to stabilize some of the torn fabric. This would become my background.

Now the fun part of deciding what to do next. I grabbed another bag of misfit projects, and thought that these vintage hexagon's would complement the blocks. I played around with the placement for a while until settling on the final pattern, and sewed all the pieces down.

I added a couple of birdies, and some hand embroidered marks to make it a bit more interesting.

This piece sold March 2020, and to its new owner in California

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